• Note to Alumni

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Theta Chi For Life

Welcome, undergraduate and alumnus members alike, to Beta Kappa Chapter of Theta Chi's website,  It is my hope that this electronic "home base" not only serve to increase cohesiveness and community between active brothers, but that it become a resource for improvement of alumni relations.  Attached is my contact information—please contact me respecting whatever questions or comments you may have:

Joe Muchlinski
Alumni Relations Chairman
(715) 781-8103

And now for some information on our current state of affairs: 

  • -  The Beta Kappa Chapter Newsletter is distributed semiannually, ideally near the end of each semester.  Our most recent newsletter was published electronically last spring and printed for mailing.  Alumnus contributions of any sort are encouraged! Please email me, and/or fill out our alumnus contact form (found to your right).
  • -  Our formal banquet, Red Carnation, traditionally occurs during Spring semester.  This year's Red Carnation is taking place at 6:00pm on Saturday April 21st, 2012 at the Lexington Restaurant in St. Paul  (located at the intersection of Lexington Parkway and Grand Avenue).
  • -  Notifications regarding upcoming alumni events are delivered through the alumni email list, and through my database (via the semesterly newsletter). A calendar containing the same information can be found to the right.  If you are an alumnus who wishes to keep abreast of the latest news, but is not on the email list or database, be sure to let me know.
  • - I am constantly seeking alumnus participants for events like the Candle Hunt and the Night Out with New Members.  If, at any time, you decide that you'd like to volunteer, feel free to call or send me a message.

With that, I bid thee a cordial farewell for now.  Love and respect your brothers!  Serve your god, your country, and your fellow man!