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Parents, Unsure if Fraternity life is right for your son?

Why should my son participate in Greek Life?

Whether it is being a leader in an organization or being a leader in the classroom, men and women in Fraternities and Sororities are making a difference all over the world. More and more people are participating in Greek life to not only make a change to their campus, but also to themselves. Here are some other reasons to participate in Greek Life:

  • Fraternity and Sorority alumni are much more likely than nonmembers to participate in community service activities after graduation.

  • Greeks not only participate in their own fraternity or sorority leadership, but are also involved in the same extracurricular activities as non-affiliated students.

  • Greek alumni are more satisfied with the social and cultural aspects of the college experience than non-affiliated students.

  • Greek affiliated alumni said there was a greater match between what they studied in college and their first job, when compared to non-affiliated students.

  • Greek alumni were very satisfied with the relationship that they had with faculty, counselors, and university administrators.

How will joining Theta Chi affect my son's academic pursuits?

The Maxim of Theta Chi, “Alma Mater First, Theta Chi for Alma Mater” is taken very seriously by all members. The Brothers of Theta Chi are required to achieve at least a 2.5 GPA, though many Brothers go above and beyond this standard. Our chapter has a long tradition of academic excellence at Hamline, and have surpassed the All-Men's average GPA for the the last decade! If a Brother does not meet our standard, our Scholarship Chairman works with the Brother to create a program which works to his strengths so that he can succeed in the classroom and then become a member of our fraternity.

My son is considering joining a Theta Chi chapter, what can I expect him to be involved in?

Instantly, a parent will find his/her son meeting a whole new social circle which will put him in contact with various student leaders, teachers, and alumni in the community.

As your son begins his membership in Theta Chi, he will initially begin as a pledge, or new-member. The term pledge is in no way meant as a degrading term, but as a term to describe his period of membership in which he learns the history and ideals of Theta Chi Fraternity. Your son will never be asked to do anything unfitting of a gentleman at any point during his pledge process/new-member period.

At the end of the new-member period, your son will be asked by the chapter if he would like to join the members and undergo initiation. In no way is the initiation to be construed as humiliating or degrading; rather initiation provides the opportunity for your son to learn the secret rituals of Theta Chi that have been passed down from generation to generation. Again, your son will not be hazed in any way during his experience as a pledge or brother of Theta Chi Fraternity.

Aren’t fraternities just like the ones in the movies and TV?

Unfortunately, individuals without complete information often define the image of Greek life as the reality of fraternity life. Since only 2% of the U.S. population is Greek, most people don’t have first-hand experience, and these stereotypes become associated with the Greek system. Greek organizations do hold social events.. These events include educational programs/workshops, community service events, intramural sports, Parent’s Days, Greek Week and exchanges.. Today’s Greek communities across the nation have adopted a stringent approach to socializing, thereby creating a safer, more beneficial environment for its members. There are strict guidelines and procedures concerning the availability of alcohol at chapter events, and these rules are enforced by the International Fraternity, the University, and by our internal chapter standards to be an AFH (Alcohol Free Housing) Chapter.