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The Nerdy Nerd Experience of ΘX

College is kind of daunting. Meeting people, roommates, expenses, classes, etc. Theta Chi gave me friends that I don't have to work at. I can come in to the house at anytime sit down with any brother and just start a conversation over anything, sports, school, anime, video games, etc. There is also a tendency for me to get calls at odd hours asking if I wanna go make a midnight Perkins run and meet some new people. In short my brothers have been exactly what their titles suggest. My brothers and have guided me and supported me through my first semester of college.

- T. Corbin Conliffe, Class of 2014

Zen and the Art of Fraternity Life

Ultimately, any student will find that undergraduate liberal arts study is an enormous resource'a resource, not a purveyor for enlivening and enriching experiences that may set the course for the rest of his or her life.  Unlike a purveyor, the Hamline institution will not dole out these valuable experiences in return for a price; one must seek to find.  Beta Kappa Chapter of Theta Chi, in my two years of study at Hamline, has been invaluably helpful in gaining for myself what I believe to be a healthy, balanced, and thrilling college life, surrounded by respectful and interesting friends.  While promoting responsible academic behavior, our chapter creates an environment that embraces spontaneity, recreation, leadership, and the dying art of gentlemanliness.  We aim to foster a love of the moment; for if life is a series of events of moments one really ought to cultivate it, one event at a time.

Joe Muchlinski, Class of 2013

A Community of Caring

Never have the ideals of Theta Chi shone through more strongly for me than when I was on a ten month tour of duty in Iraq. The only non-relatives from which I heard the entire time were my Brothers at Theta Chi. Brothers sent me well wishes in mail and email, posts on Facebook, and the occasional care package, including a computer I'd purchased that a Brother outfitted with the latest in distracting software! They chatted with me on messenger programs and kept my spirits up with their whit, reliability and love. Even Brothers who were initiated while I was gone and had never met in person corresponded with me. This communication made my stay in the sandbox a little more bearable.

Upon my return, the chapter was more receptive than I could have ever imagined a group of young men could be. They listened to my stories, helped me grieve the lost times and missed memories and distracted me when thoughts got a little too heavy. I still on occasion need help with issues that I just cannot handle on my own. Knowing my Brothers are there for me helps me get through those times. All of my Brothers know what it means to extend the helping hand to those who seek it. Thank you.

---AJ Meulemans, New Member Class of Fall - 2006